How to Attract More People to Your Playground

Children on playground climbing structure.

Playgrounds provide safe spaces where kids can play together and independently. They can use playtime to develop essential motor, cognitive and social skills, preparing them for school and helping them develop healthy friendships. In communal areas, kids and adults can connect with others and create long-lasting relationships with other community members.

When you want to boost engagement with your playground, understanding how to retain and attract visitors is essential.

1. Add Ample Amenities

Amenities can help attract and maintain playground visitors. While people bring their kids to the playground, the space serves many different functions and requires equipment to support them. Some furniture and amenities to consider adding include the following.

  • Restroom access: Visitors will stay longer at the playground if they don’t have to leave for necessities, like using the bathroom. Regardless of your audience, everyone needs to use the restroom. From younger children in diapers to adult caregivers accompanying kids, bathroom access can enhance the playground experience and entice them to plan to play for longer periods on your equipment.
  • Benches: Benches provide places where visitors can sit and rest between playing. These spaces are essential for caregivers to watch their kids from the sidelines or connect with other adults in their communities. Kids can use benches to catch their breath and rest their bodies before returning to playtime.
  • Tables: When you want to increase comfort and functionality at your playground, tables are a great addition. Families can spend more time at the playground with tables because they offer somewhere safe and clean to eat and take a break. Even if they are resting from the equipment, kids can play cards or board games at the tables.
  • Trash receptacles: A clean space is vital to retain playground visitors. You can support cleanliness by offering ample trash receptacles throughout your playground. When kids and adults have somewhere they can easily throw things away, they will be more motivated to keep areas clean. Healthy and clean spaces will encourage families to return while attracting passersby.
  • Shade structures: Your playground can entice and retain visitors by providing cool, shaded areas. Visitors will stay longer if you have shade structures in place to shield them from the heat and harmful UV rays on long, hot days. Play shade structures can cover entire play structures or just specific areas like over tables and benches. Plus, you can customize their color to match the playground’s aesthetic.

Having quality amenities available to your visitors can enhance their experience and meet their various needs. When they are comfortable and content at your playground, they are more likely to return and recommend it to their friends.

2. Maintain Equipment and Amenities

Visual appearances and impressions are essential to attract and retain visitors. People want to provide their kids with a clean, appealing and fun place to play, so you must meet their expectations. Playground equipment that falls into disarray or looks uncared for can persuade visitors to find another location.

Develop a regular maintenance schedule for your equipment, facilities and amenities. Some cleaning and maintaining activities you might add include:

  • Picking up litter.
  • Emptying trash receptacles.
  • Repainting equipment.
  • Checking for rust and rot.
  • Repairing and replacing broken equipment.

Some factors in your maintenance and service may require higher frequencies than others. For example, you might aim to empty trash cans daily or weekly, while repairs could only occur once a year. You can judge how often you must carry out maintenance procedures based on your location and equipment’s needs.

Make Your Playground Inclusive and Accessible

3. Make Your Playground Inclusive and Accessible

Playgrounds are vital community features where people can gather to connect. You can draw more people to your playground by showing it is a place where kids can play together and have fun. Inclusivity and accessibility are essential when creating playgrounds, ensuring each child has ample socialization opportunities. Caregivers might be looking for spaces like this, helping bring more visitors to your location.

Here are some ways you can make your playground more inclusive and accessible.

  • Creating play opportunities for several age groups: Your playground might target one age group, but you can reach several with various playground equipment. Each age group has different capabilities and needs. Choosing playground equipment targeting their growth, development and activity level can draw caregivers to your park. Further, having distinct zones for each group can increase safety and play for kids.
  • Making your playground ADA accessible: The Americans With Disabilities Act outlines accessibility standards for spaces like playgrounds. During the design stages, you can implement various elements like surfacing material to make your playground accessible to kids with wheelchairs and other mobility aids. You can also add equipment designed for children with disabilities. Inclusive playground equipment can show caregivers this is a safe space for their kids to play while letting children connect with others and have fun.
  • Adding social and independent activities: Kids need socialization and independent play to achieve various goals. Social activities help kids make friends and practice communication, collaboration and sharing skills, while independent play can help them process emotions and discover interests. Creating play opportunities that offer various socialization levels can cater to different needs, enhancing their experience at your playground and encouraging them to return.
  • Providing opportunities for caregivers to play: Playgrounds are great chances for caregivers to bond with their kids. They can play alongside kids to learn about their interests and aid growth and development. Providing plenty of space on and around equipment can encourage caregivers to participate in games and exploration with their children and cultivate a unique experience that will keep them coming back to your playground.

Playgrounds are essential social spaces for kids and adults. Accessible and inclusive playgrounds ensure kids have more chances to engage in play and make new friends.

4. Implement Themed Equipment

Playgrounds are exciting in many ways. They are often colorful and full of other people children can play with. With many types of equipment to engage with, kids can experience many types of play, including pretend play. This play type is essential for kids to process emotions and life events or explore their interests. Integrating themed playground equipment can enhance pretend play and engage their imagination.

Themed playground equipment can come in many forms, emulating fantasy elements and nature. This playground equipment can support your visitors’ daydreams and imaginations, making playtime more magical.

Because themed playground equipment is unique, it will stand out more to kids and caregivers, increasing the possibility they will remember your location when looking for places to play. They might even seek out your specific playground because of its theme. Your equipment can serve as vital marketing content by just existing.

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