Walker Homesite Park

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Key Features:

Each year, the city of Windsor selects a few local playgrounds to be refreshed with the goal of putting great play destinations within reach of every family. While the playground at Walker Homesite Park might be small, it’s a wildly popular place for families, especially those taking advantage of the surrounding baseball diamonds. 

Before the city expanded more than 40 years ago, this area was occupied primarily by farmland. To honor that local history, the city selected a farm-themed destination playground. In accordance with requirements for separate play areas for kids ages 5 to 12 and 12 months to 5 years, two separate play structures with custom panels were created. The 5-12 structure was designed to look like a tractor parked next to a silo. A doublewide ramp provides enhanced access so kids with mobility devices can climb on board. The early childhood structure off to the side provides just enough challenge for little ones and utilizes custom panels and a roof to take on the appearance of a barn. Even the poured-in-place surfacing has been customized with tire track marks leading from the tractor. 

At the other end of the play space is an area just for swinging, which includes the multi-user Hoopla Swing. The addition of a freestanding Cozy Cocoon finishes off the playground, giving kids a quiet place to retreat to or spin the day away and dream of simpler times.