Playground Equipment for Your Place of Worship

At Playworld, we understand that places of worship, schools, parks and other recreational centers play a special role in bonding the community together. Our playground equipment for churches, synagogues and other places of worship make it possible for children of all ages and abilities to play with and alongside each other easily and enjoyably. Explore Playworld’s church playground equipment, and find out how we can help you build your community with our high quality, durable play environments.

The World Needs Play

Playworld takes play very seriously, and our uncompromising commitment to quality is evident in every play structure we create. We’ve designed and built playgrounds and fitness structures for places of worship, schools, parks, municipalities, organizations and businesses. Our play environments stand the test of time because we use only the finest, safest materials. We construct our playgrounds using Earth-friendly manufacturing practices. Quite simply, we want our playgrounds to enhance your community — not detract from it in future generations.

During our 40-year history, our family-owned and operated company has built a reputation for honesty, quality and a passion for play that is apparent in every structure we build and install. From early childhood playgrounds to innovative electronic playgrounds to play structures for older adolescents, Playworld brings people of every age and ability together — just like your church’s community.

Your Budget

We also understand that purchasing commercial playground equipment can be a financial burden. The good news is we make it easy for you to design a playground that will stay within your budgetary constraints. We’ve designed rugged, easily-installed playgrounds suitable for smaller budgets and spaces as well as complete playgrounds ideal for well-established places of worship and large play lots — and everything in between. Explore our wide variety of play and pricing structures, and find out how you can create a place for your congregation to gather that’s well within your budget.

Building Playgrounds, Building Communities

When you partner with Playworld to design and build a playground for your congregation, you’re making a commitment that your house of worship will be a place for fun gatherings. Our playgrounds keep communities strong — not just physically, but socially. And because we believe everyone should reap the benefits of play, our structures are easily used by all members of the community — not just those who develop typically.

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