Handicap and Wheelchair Accessible Playground Equipment

When it comes to handicapped accessible playground equipment, no manufacturer can match the quality, selection, sustainability, and durability of Playworld’s handicap and wheelchair accessible playgrounds. Explore our design guide to find inspiration and discover how our wheelchair and handicap accessible playgrounds will make play fun and developmentally-sound for people of all ages and abilities—while bringing together your community at the same time.

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Play Richness

Our philosophy of Play Richness provides physical, sensory, and social stimulation in a completely inclusive and safe environment. We provide ample space for wheelchairs and other equipment to navigate smoothly around our features, so all children can benefit from our innovative, fun designs. Children can easily play with or alongside each other with scaled ability challenges that enhance a diverse variety of physical, sensory, and social skills, including children with developmental delays. Our structures help regulate anxiety, develop muscle tone, and provide an environment in which children of all ages and abilities play together.

We design and construct a diverse array of playgrounds for school age children and early childhood as well as play and exercise systems ideal for all ages. Our developmentally-optimized play environments create ideal gross motor learning opportunities as well as a calorie-burning, brain-boosting fun. Our outdoor electronic playgrounds are unique to Playworld and combine the speed and action of video games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise. Our Nature Playgrounds integrate play with lifelike nature experiences as kids develop balance, coordination, and problem-solving skills. At Playworld, our designs provide an incredible place for every member of your community to explore and learn—together.

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Quality Construction, a Sustainable Legacy

We’ve been creating and building the finest play environments in communities for over 40 years. In fact, you can see our legacy of craftsmanship in every playground we build, because play is our passion. Because we also believe in protecting the Earth for future generations, we also use the most durable Earth-friendly materials and construction practices possible. Is it the easiest or cheapest route? No. But it’s the right thing to do.

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We can help you design fully wheelchair-accessible playgrounds and install handicapped playground equipment.

If you’re seeking the finest in wheelchair accessible playground equipment, contact Playworld today.

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