FirstPlay™ Toddler

Design #7

Product #: FP-535
"Design #7 features the Sand & Water Panel, which develops fine motor skills and helps toddlers learn about cause and effect. It also promotes individual, parallel and social play; the Climb & Slide Panel focuses on gross motor skills using climbing, sliding and crawling to encourage repetition; the Pretend Play Panel focuses on imaginative and social play; the Art Panel develops communication, fine motor and decision making skills; the End Climber Panel focuses on gross motor skills, and the steps layout encourages repetition. This playground is made of durable plastic, it's easy to clean and perfect for indoors or outdoor use. It can be mounted on an appropriate surface or installed in-ground."
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Product Details

6-23 months
Space Required:
15' 1" × 25' 3"
6' 5'' × 1' 10'' × 5' 7''
366 lb
Fall Height:
1' 6"

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