What should I consider before installing the equipment?

Playworld equipment is designed to be installed on a properly drained site with less than a 2% grade. If choosing to install our equipment on a concrete pad, consult a professional in your area for the concrete installation.

Additional considerations include:

  • Shade – natural or artificial. Steel, plastic, aluminum, and other materials on play equipment can get very hot from the sun’s UV rays and be hazardous to a child’s skin.
  • Equipment use zones and positioning regulations – Check with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) for guidelines.
  • Accessibility – The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) has regulations for playground equipment and playground access.
  • Underground utilities – Contact your local utility company so you can identify and mark water, gas, and electric lines before you dig.
  • Playground surfacing – Your preliminary grading should allow for the depth of safety surfacing you need based on your playground equipment.
  • Soil tests, permitting & sealed engineering drawings – These might be required before playground installation can begin. Check with your state and/or local government.

Do I need safety surfacing under my playground equipment?

Depending on what equipment you are installing, you might need safety surfacing. Our installation instructions will tell you if safety surfacing is required. It is wise to consider surfacing options, as the majority of playground injuries are a result of a fall on an unforgiving or poorly maintained surface. Safety surfacing minimizes the risk of head injury and death if properly installed. Ensure your choice of surfacing is certified for both impact attenuation compliancy as well as ADA accessibility by the manufacturer.

Does it matter how I place and install the equipment?

Yes. There are specific regulations for commercial playground equipment. A free publication from the Consumer Product Safety Commission is a great guide for doing things the safe way. It can be found here. Consulting with a Certified Playground Safety Inspector before opening the playground is recommended so any hazards can be identified and compliance confirmed. A list of registered CPSIs in your area can be found here.

Do I really need to follow your instructions exactly?

We are the experts when it comes to guidelines, rules, and simply making life easier for you! We’ve taken the guesswork out of your project. Skipping steps can create hazards and damage the product. We also have a great warranty on our equipment if it is installed to our specifications.

Do I have to dig holes to install your product?

It depends. Most of our products can be ordered in one of two ways: direct bury and surface mount. Direct bury requires excavation of footing holes. These footing holes must be dug to the specifications in the installation instructions. During installation, the equipment will be anchored in concrete. Surface mount equipment is designed to be anchored to a concrete pad.

How much concrete is needed and how long will it take to cure?

The installation instructions for each piece will tell you how much concrete is needed. Generally speaking, 72 hours of curing needs to occur before the playground can be used. This cure time might be shorter or longer depending on climate, weather, and if concrete accelerators are used.

If I choose a surface mount system, does Playworld provide concrete anchors?

Playworld does not provide the concrete anchoring hardware, but can advise you on specifications. Concrete anchors can be purchased locally at most hardware stores.

Do I need special skills to install a Playworld playground?

A basic knowledge of construction and the ability to read and follow instructions are the two most important things. Knowing how to use a level, read a tape measure, operate a power drill and use various hand tools is essential. Great organizational skills are also handy when sorting parts and hardware!

Can I install my playground using volunteers from my community?

You sure can! All it takes is hardworking people and a few knowledgeable people to guide them. KaBOOM! is a great organization that can help you plan a community build. They’ve been our partners since 1999 and build over 200 playgrounds a year with Playworld equipment. They have the tools to make your project a success.

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Are your instructions only in English?

Instructions can be ordered in English, Spanish, or French.

How many people does it take to install a playground?

No, we didn’t insert a joke here to trip you up! The answer to this tricky question depends on your choice of playground equipment. Our installation instructions will provide you with the average time and number of people it takes to install each piece of equipment.

What happens if I need help with installation?

We recommend contacting your local Playworld representative before starting your installation to help with any additional questions you might have. You may call them directly, or our customer service department can connect you. Our customer service department is available to help you Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time at 1.800.233.8404, or via email at