Empower Playgrounds

Playworld has partnered with Empower Playgrounds, Inc. – a non-profit organization that provides renewable energy to villages in Ghana through electricity-generating playground equipment and smart LED lanterns.

By lending its research and development resources, materials and facilities, Playworld is helping Empower Playgrounds further its mission by accelerating production of the play equipment – merry-go-rounds known as ”whirls” – that generate power while the kids play during the day for portable lanterns that light evening activities at home.

A Crucial Need

The rechargeable lanterns can operate for 40 hours at full power before needing to be recharged. This allows students to complete homework and other necessary tasks after the sun goes down.

Learn Through Play

The Empower Playgrounds system also includes a hands-on science kit that enables local educators to also use the whirls as learning opportunities for their students.

Playworld proudly partners with WebFX, Inc. for our web development needs. WebFX has resolved that giving back to the world is a core company value, and regularly donates a generous amount of their revenue to non-profits and community organizations. They call this initiative #FXBuilds, and are working with Empower Playgrounds (and indirectly, Playworld) to contribute merry-go-round systems and battery powered lights to villages in Ghana.