Quality and Craftsmanship

Playworld exists to unite communities through innovative and authentic play, creating equal play opportunities for all. Craftsmanship is our hallmark; it runs deep in our veins. We hold true to our high-quality manufacturing heritage, building every playground with passion and pride to enrich the lives of all through outdoor, unstructured play. We all know that the world gets smaller every day. We’re here to expand the possibilities, lifting us all up through play.


The Building Blocks of Great Play

What goes into Playworld products? A lot of pride, a healthy dose of imagination, and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. Our products are made in the U.S.A., in our central Pennsylvania manufacturing facility, from domestic and foreign content. Only a few pieces of miscellaneous hardware, ropes, and mechanisms are made in modern factories in Germany and China and purchased through U.S. companies. What does that mean to you? It means we have the utmost control over processes, materials, and testing, so we can guarantee quality through and through. After all, our commitment to play value is only as strong as the integrity of our products.

Proven Craftsmanship, Premium Materials

Super Durable Paint

Playworld’s exclusive architectural-grade, super durable polyester powder coating provides enhanced, light-stable pigments for superior UV stability and fade resistance.

Rust Defender

Our special primer boosts our super durable paint with an extra layer of rust protection on weld joints, brackets, and high-traffic areas.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Backed by a lifetime warranty, all of our hardware is stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion. Most require only a TORX® head driver for hassle-free assembly. Exposed hardware is tamper-resistant for added security.

Compounded Pigmented Rotomolded Plastics

All Playworld rotomolded plastic components are shatter-proof polyethylene (PE) plastic made of compounded pigmented resins, which provides twice as much impact resistance as dry-blended resins. Our plastics are also UV resistant, enabling colors to remain bright over time.

Strong Platforms

Our play structure platforms are the strongest in the industry—made of one-piece, 12-gauge perforated steel that's flange-formed, reinforced with extra support beams, and coated for extra protection.

Double-Banded Clamps

The most versatile, easy-to-install clamp in the industry, Playworld’s die-cast, aluminum alloy double-banded clamp features an exclusive S-lap design that eliminates all clamp string entanglement concerns. Our clamps are more than 10 times stronger than required by ASTM.

Flo-Coat® Posts and Tubing

Playworld’s posts and tubing are made with a process called Flo-Coat®. First, our steel is cold-formed to provide high-shield, high-tensile strength. Then, it’s bolstered by an interior corrosion-resistant coating. We enhance quality even further with a superior triple coating process: uniform zinc galvanizing, chromate conversion coating, and clear polymer coating. Our tubing is then washed and sanitized before we apply a baked-on powder coating for strong molecular adhesion.Posts are available in galvanized steel or recycled aluminum in 2-3/8", 3-1/2", and 5" diameters.

Factory-Installed Post Caps

Super tough, cast-aluminum post caps are factory-installed and riveted in place for maximum durability and vandal resistance.

Laser Cut, Coped Metal

Our welders use laser cut, coped parts to create stronger, cleaner joints that are able to withstand constant use and varying weight loads. Coped welds are stronger because more of the tubing surface is in direct contact with the weldment, and the smooth joint stops water from entering, which prevents rust. Our steel plates also undergo a tumbling process to remove burrs and sharp edges, which provides better paint coverage to help eliminate rust.


Our Origins™ Boulders are made of solid, precast PolyFiberCrete®—a revolutionary material that provides non-slip, high-traction climbing texture. It's durable, easy to clean and repair, and backed by a ten-year warranty.

Tough Ropes

All of our rope climbing activities are made from 5/8" (16mm) wire rope covered in polyamide yarn (carpet fiber) for superior abrasion resistance and UV color-fastness. Our traditional four-strand design provides the best grip for climbing.

UV-Blocking Shade Fabric

Playworld shades use a one-piece fabric solution for maximum square foot coverage, blocking 94% of sunlight and protecting children from harmful UV rays. The fabric is knitted from a high-density polyethylene monofilament and infused with UV inhibitors, so it won't fade, distort, sag, or abrade over time.


Our products provide play around the world, so they need to stand up to the extremes—sun and rain, hot and cold, use and abuse. That’s why we test every one thoroughly and aggressively.

Rust & Fade Resistance

We’ve baked our materials in dry Arizona sun and wet Florida heat to ensure superior resistance to rust and fading. Our materials and finishing are tested in 4,000 hours of salt spray.

Weight Loading

We encourage kids to play together, so our equipment must be strong enough to carry the weight. We test each of our designs to ASTM F1487, CAN/CSA-614 and EN1176 standards.

Impact Testing

When we incorporate new materials into our products, we test them to the breaking point—even if that’s hammer blows at -20°F.

Wildcard Testing

It’s our responsibility to expect the unexpected extremes, so we test with blowtorches, wheelbarrow strikes, and more. We even test our electronics under water.

Need to Know More?

Check out our individual product pages, review our warranties (some of the industry’s best, in fact), and see our international certifications for more proof about the quality of our products.