Colors & Customization

Because playgrounds are as different as the climates and environments in which they reside, we offer a spectrum of colors and customization options that allow you to personalize and reflect your community pride, boost school spirit, or complement the surrounding architecture
and environment.

Component and Post Color Options

Eco-Armor® Colors

Playworld has proudly eliminated 99.999% of PVCs from our products with Eco-Armor, our more durable, PVC-free, thermoplastic polyethylene (PE) coating.

Two-Color Plastics

Rope Colors and Boulder Colors

Custom signs and graphics add that special touch.

Use post tops, banners, custom ground or deck panels, fl ags and more to add interest and personalize the playground.

If you can imagine it, we can create it—from woodland and fantasy creatures to logos, icons, or your own designs! Beautiful custom details and colors are tightly inlaid for durability. Graphic panels can be double sided and are available in Playworld sheet plastic colors.

Fully customizable printed fi berglass inserts off er limitless possibilities that add detail and color. Add a Crazy Bones Bridge, bench or litter receptacle for even more opportunities to personalize your play space.

*Black is limited to roofs, posts and clamps.