Health & Fitness

Playground and Fitness Equipment for All Ages and Abilities

The more we play, the longer we live. The smarter we get. And the happier we feel. From infancy through adulthood, play is vital to our physical fitness, cognitive health, and emotional well-being. That's why we make play and fitness equipment for all ages and all abilities. Because there are no age limits on health and fitness. And there's no expiration date on fun.


Ages 5 and under
Developmentally optimized play equipment that's designed especially for infants and toddlers.
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Ages 2-5 & 5-12
Eight playgrounds ruggedly built, affordably priced and simply fun.
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Ages 5-12
Calorie-burning, brain-boosting, community-building, fun-producing playgrounds.
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All ages
Outdoor electronic playgrounds combine the speed and action of video games with the explosive movement of aerobic exercise.
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Ages 9-14 or 13 & up
The total body fitness system for everybody – from beginners to exercises buffs – that delivers a guided, fat-burning workout using your own body weight as resistance.
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Ages 50 & up
A low-impact, functional fitness outdoor wellness system ergonomically designed for older active adults; helps them stay fit, prevent injury, and maintain an independent lifestyle.
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