Green Action


The world needs green play.

The planet is our natural playground. But it is not only ours. It belongs to every generation that comes after us.

That's why Playworld is leading the industry in taking Green Action to protect the environment.




Commitment to the environment.

Playworld has invested significant resources to take genuine steps to protect the environment for future generations. To read about all of our authentic sustainable initiatives, download our Green Action flyer.




We are the first and only playground equipment manufacturer to have products Cradle to Cradle Certifiedcm Silver. This is a rigorous and comprehensive environmental certification system that evaluates products and materials for their impact on human and environmental health and assures recyclability of our products after their usable life. Learn more - Watch the video.


Playworld eliminated 99.999% of harmful PVCs from its products in 2008. We use Eco-Armor®, a durable, thermoplastic, PE (Polyethylene) coating that is phthalate free, lead free, and cadmium free, and averages a 38% lower carbon footprint than PVC coatings.


Matt Miller and the rest of the Playworld team are honored to be featured in the May/June 2012 issue of the innovative and well-respected Green Manufacturer publication, "Making Play PVC-Free". Read the full green article here.



Green Playground Equipment

Playworld is proud to be the leader in green playground equipment manufacturing. We believe the play systems we design should create a lasting legacy of fun — not environmental harm. Explore our Earth-friendly equipment, find out more about how we build our environmentally-certified playground systems and learn why we’re the premier green playground manufacturer of choice for schools, communities and organizations across the United States.

Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Playgrounds

At Playworld, we understand that playgrounds and fitness equipment should not only be inclusive and well-constructed, but they should also be safe for future generations. That is why we eliminated 99.999% of dangerous PVCs from our green play equipment. We are also the only playground manufacturer to have passed a rigorous, comprehensive certification process that tests products for potentially harmful effects on our customers and the Earth. Our playground systems are built to last for generations and are totally recyclable — efforts that haven’t passed unnoticed.

It Isn’t Always Easy Being Green

The fact is, Playworld could create a cheaper product using less environmentally-friendly materials. The good news is we don’t answer to stockholders — we answer to you, our customer and the communities we serve. Quite simply, we won’t compromise our principles of sustainability, quality craftsmanship and safe, lasting play for profit. We build each and every play system with passion and with future generations in mind.

Contact Playworld, and find out how we inspire communities to create sustainable and inclusive playgrounds for people of all ages and abilities.