"Write to Play" playground contest featured in the Mason City Globe Gazette

Parker's Woods wins playground equipment contest


MASON CITY — Parker’s Woods, Mason City, won new playground equipment through Playworld’ “Write to Play” contest.

The park was named one of two winners on Wednesday after several weeks of online voting.

“I am so happy,” said Sarah Swegle of Mason City, who has been leading the effort for new playground equipment. “I am just thrilled that so many people voted for us not only here but across the nation.”

Swegle, the mother of children ages 12, 10 and 8, has been raising money for new Parker’s Woods playground equipment the past couple of years. Her goal has been to install two sets of equipment — one for ages 5 to 12 later this year and another for ages 2 to 5 next year. The equipment won on Wednesday is for the latter.

“Now we can install both playsets this year,” she said.

Swegle said Playworld told her the equipment is ready to ship now, but must first go to a dealer in Kansas City. She isn’t sure what the dealer’s schedule is like, but ideally both sets would be installed later this year.

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