US Play Coalition newsletter includes insight on inclusive play from Playworld

Creating Inclusive Play Spaces
By Ian Proud, market research and public relations manager

Inclusive playgrounds - also known as accessible playgrounds - are places where all children can achieve the benefits play offers. When imaginatively designed and expertly executed, playground equipment
can provide an outstanding sensory experience that meets the play needs of all.

Creating inclusive play environments not only requires input from the end user but a strong partnership with a like-minded, experienced equipment manufacturer that is deeply committed to inclusive play principles. Inclusive play shouldn't be an afterthought, but something the manufacturer contemplates throughout the entire product development process.

Playworld developed the Inclusive Play Design Guide™ (IPDG) to help advocates design outdoor spaces so people of all ages and all abilities can play side-by-side. The goal of the guide is to provide objective data and practical steps communities can use to develop 21st century inclusive playgrounds.

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