Selfish Mom blog highlights Playworld's effort to save play

Saving play

by Amy Oztan, Selfish Mom


When I was growing up I had a lot of freedom to play on my own. I could roam around my neighborhood, play with other children, put on talent shows, have adventures, make new friends, scrape my knees, get into arguments, make up, invent games, and discover new things.

None of this play was directed by parents, it was all “free play.” We were left to figure things out for ourselves, make the rules, and navigate new situations. I truly believe that the freedom I had back then played a huge part in making me the person – and the parent – I am today.

Sadly, I think a lot of that has been lost. When my kids were little and I would take them to the playground, I was often one of the few moms on the bench. Some parents played with their kids, others stood nearby in order to caution the kids about not going too high, or to step in if a disagreement broke out.

I have no doubt that those other parents did those things with the best of intentions, but I also think that they should have parked their butts on the bench next to me and let their kids figure things out for themselves.

When I saw this video from Playworld about saving play, I knew I’d found kindred spirits.


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