Playworld supports PTA members with free resources to help bring play to their schools


Company Provides Step-by-Step Information for Building a School Playground


AUSTIN (JUNE 19, 2014) – Playworld, a leading playground manufacturer committed to saving outdoor unstructured play, today announced its effort to save play by helping PTA members bring the value of play to their schools. The company will be a helpful resource for parents, teachers and other stakeholders in booth #827 at the annual National PTA convention and exposition.   

“According to recent research, only 36 percent of today’s school-aged children get the doctor-recommended amount of daily exercise,” said Greg Harrison, creative director at Playworld. “This statistic is alarming and reinforces our commitment to saving play. PTA members are an important catalyst in reinvigorating unstructured outdoor free play. We are here to engage with members and help them bring play to their communities.”

When parents visit the Playworld booth, they will receive the informative Playground 101 Guide, which provides 10 essential steps for building a playground. Parents can also enter for a chance to win a Cozy Cocoon™ for their school, valued at $2,299. Designed especially for those with autism spectrum disorders, this freestanding play piece offers fun for all children. The structure’s enclosed space offers a secure spot where any child can escape when he or she becomes over-stimulated by the hubbub of the playground. The pod’s textural interior and molded-in features promote tactile exploration, and helpful grips allow easy entrance and exit. Windows on both sides facilitate supervision.

“We understand the critical role of PTA members in supporting play at their children’s schools. We want to arm them with useful tools and as much information as possible so their children can benefit from all the positive aspects of play,” said Ian Proud, research manager for Playworld. “It’s likely that these members will undertake the task of building a playground only once, so we want to ensure they have everything they need to be successful.”

Playworld believes that one of the best ways to help save play is to ensure children have access to playgrounds at their schools and in their communities. To help tech-savvy parents achieve that goal, Playworld created a free Interactive Playground app, which is available in the App store and on Google Play. Parents can use the Interactive Playground app in tandem with the Playworld’ 2014 catalog to experience play in a whole new way. Once the app is launched on their mobile device, parents can flip through a 2014 Playworld catalog and point the camera at any image designated by a special icon to watch videos, hear audio clips and see playgrounds in three dimensions.

For more play resources and to enter for a chance to win a Cozy Cocoon™, PTA convention attendees should visit the Playworld booth, #827.