Playworld' ENERGI Total Body Fitness System helps schools target nationwide childhood obesity epidemic

Severna Park Middle School Students to Demonstrate ENERGI as Part of NMSA2010 School Visits; Manufacturer Showcases Industry-First Microsoft Tag Reader at NMSA2010 (Booths #616 and 614)

Severna Park Middle School Students to Demonstrate ENERGI as Part of NMSA2010 School Visits; Manufacturer Showcases Industry-First Microsoft Tag Reader at NMSA2010 (Booths #616 and 614)

BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwire - November 4, 2010) -  Playworld, a leading manufacturer of imaginative playground equipment, today announced it is showcasing its ENERGI™ Total Body Fitness System with Microsoft Tag technology at NMSA2010, the NMSA 37th Annual Conference and Exhibit in Baltimore. Conference attendees will also be able to see ENERGI in action during the NMSA-sponsored school visit to Severna Park Middle School on November 4 from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

With only one moving part, Playworld' ENERGI delivers a guided, fat-burning workout with 120 progressively challenging exercises that use body weight resistance to target nearly all 600 of the body's muscles. The system is supported with a complete curriculum and easy-to-follow lesson plans to help teachers integrate ENERGI into the school day. ENERGI's five stations feature instructional graphics that have been tested to assure immediate comprehension. At a price point of approximately $15,000, ENERGI offers schools a unique fitness system at maximum value.

"One of the consequences of obesity is that for the first time in U.S. history, the lifespan of children in elementary school today is expected to be shorter than that of their parents," said Ian Proud, research manager of Playworld. "Sedentary lifestyles contribute to obesity, and the problem has grown to epidemic proportions among the nation's children. Having ENERGI installed on school grounds gives teachers a strong ally in their quest to make a real difference in students' fitness levels."

Research demonstrates the ENERGI system significantly improves strength, speed and flexibility in as little as five weeks. In fact, in a six-week test, users increased their upper and lower body strength by 35 percent.

ENERGI was designed in accordance with the FITT principle -- frequency, intensity, time and type -- which is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise:

•Frequency: The ENERGI system includes five stations, offering a total of 120 exercises, enough for a healthy, three-day a week workout regimen
•Intensity: Each ENERGI station features three different skill levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) allowing users of varying fitness levels to complete a progressive workout routine at their own pace
•Time: Step-by-step instructions on each weather-proof fiberglass panel make it easy for users to build a 15- to 60-minute workout routine
•Type: ENERGI promotes four key types of fitness: cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, flexibility and body composition (total body mass)
"The combination of ENERGI's low cost and full support for people of any ability makes it ideal for the school setting," said Proud. "Using the latest fitness technologies, ENERGI provides a gym-like, personal training experience that allows young people to engage in outdoor exercise with fellow students during recess, physical education class, after school and other times throughout their day."

Playworld is the first playground and fitness equipment manufacturer to incorporate Tags into its products. Microsoft Tag utilizes 2D bar code technology to connect real world objects to information and interactive experiences via the Tag Reader app on smartphones.

"We're impressed by this innovative use of Microsoft Tag technology as a tool to enhance the ENERGI fitness system and guide teachers and students through their fitness routines," said Bill McQuain, director of Tag Product Management at Microsoft Corp. "With the scan of Tag as part of ENERGI, schools will be able to offer a rich, interactive experience that enhances their fitness programs."

NMSA conference attendees can experience the new innovation at Playworld' booths (#616 and 614). After downloading the free Tag Reader app, users scan the Tags with their smartphone to unlock exclusive videos showing the ENERGI fitness system in action.

"Since performing exercises in the correct way is so important to staying healthy, the Tag reader allows teachers to fully understand the exercise before leading their students through ENERGI classes," said Proud.

NOTE: NMSA conference attendees are invited to visit the Severna Park Middle School to see an installed ENERGI system in use by students. The school visit is scheduled for Thursday, November 4 from 9:00 a.m. - noon (bus departs at 8:20 a.m.; estimated return at 12:40 p.m.). Attendees who come by the Playworld booths #616 and 614 are eligible to enter for a chance to win a complete five-station ENERGI system with free shipping.

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