Playworld announces greener packaging in product shipment

LEWISBURG, PA (September 25, 2009) – Playworld is pleased to announce that all packaging used to ship its products complies with the Coalition of Northeastern Governors (CONEG) toxics in packaging legislation.

CONEG legislation requires that no lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium or mercury be added to the packaging and that the total content of all of these metals combined are less than 100 parts per million.

As packaging comprises approximately one-third of the waste stream, 19 states have adopted this important legislation. The goal is to curb the amount of heavy metals entering the municipal solid waste stream from packaging and ultimately landfills and incinerators.  A reduced contribution of these metals to the waste stream will gradually lower their harmful presence in the environment.

“We are proud to contribute to this worthwhile effort and feel strongly that each step taken to improve the company’s environmental impact is key,” said Matt Miller, president of Playworld. “We are committed to taking measures, such as meeting packaging legislation, in effort to make real, measurable changes to our carbon footprint.”

About Playworld, Inc.
Headquartered in Lewisburg, Pa., Playworld, a family-owned company, has offered a variety of recreational solutions for more than 30 years. Because Playworld believes the world needs play, it strives to produce the most innovative, creative, and imaginative recreational products through its PlayDesigns®, Playworld™, and LifeTrail® brands. With the invention of NEOS, Playworld is the first playground manufacturer to bring electronic gaming into the outdoor play space.

Additionally, in an effort to tangibly reduce its carbon footprint, Playworld is the first major U.S. playground manufacturer to remove 99.999 percent of PVC from products. For more information, visit