The Mama Bird Diaries blog writes about Playworld's effort to save play

Let's save play together

by Kelcey Kintner, Mama Bird Diaries


I remember when my oldest daughter was 4 years old, she asked me, “Can I go play in the backyard?”

She was referring to our balcony. In downtown Manhattan. A place where it’s actually illegal to climb trees.

And that’s when I sort of had an epiphany. I adore New York City but I wanted my kids to be able to play outside. You know, without bumping into our illegal balcony grill.

So we forged ahead to the suburbs where food is much less desirable but climbing trees is aplenty. As long as we give our kids time to actually do it. The truth is – it’s easy to get sucked into an array of organized activities like Mandarin Basketball and Knitting Hats for Polar Bears with Recycled Materials. (I think those are real activities.)

But children can’t just knit hats for polar bears. Obviously. They need time to just play.


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