High-five moments coming soon to Lincoln Heights neighborhood park

High-five moments coming soon to Lincoln Heights neighborhood park

by Kevin Cook

Open Space, NRPA blog


“Be home by dinner,” was a common refrain heard around my house when my children were growing up. My kids were given the freedom to just “play,” without specific direction or adult intervention. They could walk or ride their bikes to the local park where they learned more about themselves than anywhere else. The park was a sacred space. My kids were able to experience lazy days in the park with nothing to guide them but their imaginations.

But sadly, times have changed, and compared to the 1970s, today’s children spend 50 percent less time in unstructured outdoor activities. At Playworld, we believe the world needs more play, and children are growing up in an era where it’s hard to come by. We’re committed to having the pendulum swing back in the direction where kids are begging parents to get to the playground. 

The playground is where children challenge themselves and each other. It’s a place where "high-five" moments are made and remembered. You know, those moments where “I can’t” or “I’m scared” shift into “I did it!” Those childhood memories are what we hope our equipment enables. 


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