Find a Playground Wherever You Go

By Tavia Fuller Armstrong | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Tue, May 22, 2012

When you are traveling and want to get some exercise or just take your kids out to play, wouldn't it be great to be able to find all the playgrounds nearby? Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to locate local playgrounds if you are unfamiliar with a town. Playgrounds aren't listed in the phone directories, and they aren't always mapped on city websites. Fortunately, there are some ways to find nearby playgrounds when you are on the road.

Do your own search

You can do your own search online for parks or playgrounds in the city you are visiting. One great place to start is the city's official website. Check for the parks department to find the names of the city playgrounds. Sometimes the parks will be mapped or at least have addresses listed, but not always.

Once you have the names of all the local parks, you can look them up more easily on other sites. You may want to start with a search engine. Or you may want to look up the playgrounds you've found on Facebook.

Try a playground finder

Depending on where you are traveling, there may be several playground finder apps that you can use with your computer or smartphone to locate great parks. These apps give you more than the location of parks. Many listings show you photos of the playgrounds, descriptions of the amenities, and maps to help you find your way.

I recently wrote an article about using playgrounds for an outdoor workout. A website called KaBOOM! shared the article with their followers, and I discovered their excellent service. They are a user driven website that lists playgrounds all over the world. Even better, they make it easy for you to add your favorite playgrounds if they are not already listed.

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