Empower Playgrounds wins a year of free marketing assistance

By Lana Creer-Harris

Daily Herald

A company that builds playground equipment that produces electricity for children in Ghana is the recipient of a year of free marketing from Cohn Marketing.

Empower Playgrounds makes a merry-go-round that children push and play on, and it in turn charges LED lamps for their classroom. The company, founded by Ben Markham, was one of three winners in Cohn Marketing's online contest that was part of the company's philanthropic 10-year anniversary initiative called The Power of 10. Cohn Marketing will do one year of advertising and planning work for the local non-profit.

"Empower Playgrounds, Inc., located in Provo, enhances education in rural Ghanaian schools by providing electricity-generating playground equipment, portable LED lanterns, and hands-on science kits and curriculum. Cohn Marketing will assist Empower Playgrounds with its messaging platform to promote its future fundraising and awareness efforts," said Cohn Advertising in a written statement.

An existing partnership with Playworld resulted in the entire Empower system packaged in one crate, merry-go-round, LED lanterns and everything needed to set up the system. The playground generators can be shipped more easily saving money for the non-profit.

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