Our Values

We believe having fun is serious business

At Playworld, our mission is clear: We believe the World Needs Play, therefore it is our mission to provide the world’s best play experience.

You’ll see our mission come to life in every playground we build and on the face of every child we inspire. You’ll also see it embodied in every Playworld team member that you encounter. For three generations, we’ve built our company’s culture around core values that support our life’s work as the world’s leading advocates of play.  We succeed in delivering the essence of our mission by injecting play, personalization, and professionalism in every touch point we have with our customers.


Innovation that sparks the imagination

In our overscheduled world, kids need play now more than ever. We create fitness and innovative play equipment that encourages exploration, spurs creativity, and frees kids to play on their terms. And they’re having too much fun to notice that they’re receiving the healthful fitness benefits of play.

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Healthy play for all ages

From infancy through adulthood, play is vital to our physical fitness, cognitive health, and emotional well-being. That’s why we make play and fitness equipment for all ages and all abilities. Because there are no age limits on health and fitness. There’s no expiration date on fun. And you should never stop playing.


Inclusive play for everyone

Playworld is committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or ability, has an equal opportunity to connect with others through the camaraderie of play. It’s the spirit behind every playspace we build. 

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Flawless customer experience

Building a playground should be a joyful experience. Our team, led by your local Playworld representative, does everything necessary—from site evaluation to complete installations—to make your project simple and streamlined. 

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Community building partnerships

Playworld has partnered with many non-profits that share our faith in the power of play in order to bring playgrounds to the communities and people that need them most. 
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Authentic solutions for a healthier planet

Playworld is taking real, measurable steps to protect our planet for every generation after us. Many of our products are made from materials that are recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable. We’ve eliminated 99.999% of PVCs from our products and have become the first and only playground manufacturer to have products Cradle to CradleCM Silver Certified. 

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