Inclusion: Making It Happen

Making It Happen
Children Together on Playworld Aeroglider

Play Richness: Why Does Spinning Matter?

This activity is important in child development for all children:

  • When children spin, multiple parts of the brain are stimulated simultaneously.
  • This builds new and more developed pathways throughout the brain.
  • These pathways improve learning potential, spatial awareness and rhythm.
  • Spinning activities may develop pre-reading skills and concepts.
  • Helps with improving balance, muscle control and gross motor skills.
Play Richness Flash Cards

Play Richness is the key factor in designing great play spaces where children of all ages and abilities can grow and learn through physical, sensory and social experiences. We made adding a variety of Play Richness very easy with our flash card set. It simplifies play experiences by dividing them into specialized play types such as spinning, tactile or cooperative play.

Download the Play Richness Flash Card Set >

Playworld products that support this activity:

  • Activo® Swirl
  • Activo® Tailspin
  • Activo® Twirl
  • Bing Boing
  • Cozy Cocoon
  • Crazy Tea Cup
  • Loopy Whoop
  • Overdrive
  • Revo
  • Spin Cup
  • Spinami
  • Spintastic
  • Twister
  • Vortex
  • Whirligig

Levels of Challenge on the Unity Dome


Encouraging User Engagement: Levels of Challenge.

Everyone needs a challenge that is at or slightly above their current ability. Multiple challenge levels are important for two main reasons:

  • People of all abilities will be engaged and want to return to try the next challenge.
  • When those activities are placed near one another on the playground, people of different
    abilities can get to know one another.



Challenge Level






Playworld Spin Cup
Spin Cup

Playworld Vortex


Playworld Spintastic


Playworld Accessible Swing

Accessible Swing Seats

Playworld Swing

Single Post Swing
(Belt Seat)

Playworld Sky Rail

Sky Rail


Playworld Unity Steppers

Unity® Steppers

Playworld Beanstalk Climbers

Beanstalk Climber

Playworld PlayWeb



Playworld Moon Rock Climber

Moon Rock Climber

Playworld Log Tube

Nature-themed Log Tube

Playworld Flex Tread Climber

Single Flex Tread Climber

Upper Body

Playworld Unity Dome Climber

Unity® Dome

Playworld Unity Canopy

Unity® Canopy

Playworld Sky Swivels

Sky Swivels


Playworld Balance Trax

Balance Trax

Playworld Lily Pods

Lily Pods

Playworld Canyon Crossing

Canyon Crossing


Learn more about Levels of Challenge in the Inclusive Play Brochure >

Design In Action: Playground Inspiration

Inclusive Design at Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, Virginia

A 68-acre former golf course was transformed into a community recreational area for all ages and abilities. Specialized inclusive play area offers a range of physical, cognitive, communication, sensory, and socio–emotional needs.

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Key Features:

NEOS® 360 Accessible
Hat Shade Slides