What Drives Us

Playworld exists to unite communities through innovative and authentic play, creating equal play opportunities for all.

Why We're Here

We unite communities on common ground—the playground.

Every day, we rise to new challenges alongside our kids, optimistically looking to the future. We build each playground with passion and pride to enrich the lives of all through outdoor, unstructured play. We all know that the world gets smaller every day. We’re here to expand the possibilities, lifting us all up through play.

What We Stand For

Our five core beliefs guide everything we do, say, and create. They’re how we make our purpose come to life.

At Playworld, we believe in...


Inclusive design is the way forward for tomorrow’s communities. Design that lifts the experience of play for all, equitably offering the value of play and normalizing diversity and varying abilities.

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Craftsmanship is our hallmark; it runs deep in our veins. We hold true to our high-quality manufacturing heritage, building every playground with passion and pride.

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With our legacy in innovative leadership, a daring approach, and research-based universal design, Playworld can continue to lead the industry in creating play solutions that reinvent and redefine play.

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Playgrounds unite families, sharing a common desire to enrich the lives of their children through outdoor, unstructured free play. In turn, uniting their children to create the communities of the future.

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Play is part of the human condition and brings hope and unites communities through the wellness of their children. Hope created with an optimistic outlook that embraces the world today, a positivity that will lift us all.