With a unique, transferable design, Tianzi offers a challenging lineup of climbing nets that bond kids through shared challenges and triumphs. Grid-patterned rope, a rubber balance beam, a bell, and colorful flags take the fun to soaring new heights befitting its namesake, the Tianzi Mountain in the Hunan Province of China. 

Twin Overlay

Two nets offer a layered climbing experience with grid-patterned design and strategically placed openings to climb through. Complete with an Angled Flag, this component promises challenge and a sense of accomplishment to every daring climber.

Top Rope Pass

This swerving series of ropes features a ladder-like design that allows kids to explore any way they’d like. Whether they weave through or scale over, they’re sure to enjoy the fun, challenge, and adventure this component offers.

Pitch Crossing

Complete this challenge by balancing across the rubber beam. Ropes featured on either side assist beginning climbers while offering additional climbing opportunities for advanced users. A bell sits above the center, adding sensory experience to the play while encouraging kids on their adventure.

Two-Point Wedge

Suspended between two poles and anchored to the ground, this net offers a unique shape that kids can climb in all sorts of ways. From side to side and every inch between, young climbers will love exploring this component with friends.

Three-Point Traverse

Kids can experiment with their climb in all kinds of ways using this twisted, grid-patterned net! Whether in a Single or Double configuration, an additional rope attached between two poles motivates kids to be creative and bold as they test and strengthen their skills.


Attach Step to your pole to give climbers an extra challenge, or leg up on their adventure. Two-part casting and powder coating make this a durable component that’s easy to install on new or existing playgrounds.

Angled Flag

Accent your climbing structure with Angled Flag! Adding a pop of color and a striking shape not only gives your playground an appealing aesthetic for visitors, but also encourages a myriad of dynamic adventures.