Stodden Park

Butte, Montana

Families travel from surrounding communities to play at the new playground in Stodden Park—an attraction that has had an economic impact on the old mining town of Butte, Montana. This play space is certainly something special—the theme celebrates the rich mining history of the community while embracing active and inclusive play. The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, an organization with local ties, gave a generous gift to make this play destination possible.

Playworld representative Northwest Playground Equipment, Inc., worked with the City-County of Butte Silver Bow to bring it to life. Kids can climb to the top of a lookout tower that resembles a mining elevator and spend time playing on a big haul truck. They can also enjoy climbing on a structure that resembles “The Big M”—a well-known landmark nearby. The best part is the inclusive design—kids with limited mobility are also able to access it all because it was designed for every kid to be able to play.

The combination of rich history and modern play isn’t limited to the equipment; this playground is a part of something bigger—the transformation of a mining town with a rich history.