Sky Towers®

Can you imagine playing in the sky?

The power of a thunderclap, the brilliance of a rainbow, the gentle tapping of the rain; we’ve harnessed the power of the elements for Sky Towers, our modern take on a Playworld classic. Sky Towers provide an exhilarating play experience that engages the senses while giving children the thrill of height with the comfort of the enclosure. Sky Towers play events are inspired by wind, light, sound, and rain and were designed to provide children with as much social interaction as possible, giving them the unique opportunity to make new friends while enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the world.

The play routes throughout Sky Towers are designed to provide children with varying levels of challenge. The path to the top of the tower will stimulate a perceived risk and sense of accomplishment in children of all ages.

Climbing towards the sky, feeling the wind, catching the sun’s prisms , children will experience the sounds and effects of nature on Sky Towers.