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Playground Benches

Playground benches are a site furnishing complementary to any playground. When kids need a break from the playground equipment, or adults want to sit down while supervising, playground benches come in handy. For others, playground benches are a place to socialize or enjoy the outdoors. 

When you're looking for a playground bench for your schoolpark or another outdoor area, Playworld offers many options.

Various Playground Benches for Sale

Playworld has many kinds of playground benches available. Find the best bench for your playground by reviewing our material, style and design options.

Bench Materials

Our playground benches are available in several materials, including:

  • Recycled plastic: Our recycled plastic benches use plastic lumber custom-extruded from recycled plastics.
  • Diamond pattern: Our diamond pattern benches are made from metal formed in a crisscross pattern.
  • Perforated metal: The perforated metal benches have a metal sheet with a pattern of uniformly sized holes.
  • Rib: Rib benches are made from metal welded or punched through in a way that resembles a rib cage.

Style Options

Choose from our many playground bench styles:

  • Swinging bench: Swinging benches have the seating room of stationary benches with the fun movement of a swing set. These benches allow many people to sit together and enjoy the swinging motion.
  • Contemporary bench: Contemporary benches are made from metal or recycled plastic. This bench offers practical seating and a modern design.
  • Plank bench: Plank benches have horizontal pieces of recycled plastic for the seating and backrest. They are versatile and can seat individuals, couples and even families.

Design Features

Our playground bench styles include additional design options, including various choices for the bench's back, armrests and installation:

  • Backs: Benches are available with or without backs. Backed benches support the back for easy relaxing, and they're used when someone wants to sit for a while. A backless bench has more space for backpacks, water bottles, sunscreen, coats and other belongings. They also give people more room to sit in various positions. People can use backless benches from any direction, so they're common in open areas.
  • Armrests: Another consideration is armrests or no armrests. Armrests give people a place to rest their arms when relaxing on the bench. People with mobility concerns can use armrests to steady themselves when sitting or standing. Benches with no armrests have more room for people's belongings and allow families to sit closely.
  • Installation: Our benches have three installation options — in-ground, surface-mount or portable. In-ground benches have legs embedded in concrete-filled holes. Surface-mount benches are mounted to a concrete pad with anchors. Portable benches can be placed anywhere without installation.

Request a Quote for Playground Benches

Though playgrounds are made for children exploring their world, they also need site furnishings like playground benches for visitors to sit and rest. Playworld is dedicated to providing stimulating, fun and inclusive playground equipment for children of all ages and abilities. We offer the highest quality playground equipment with expert craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

Browse our playground bench options online and contact us for a quote or more information today.