Rope Components

Expand your RopeScapes™ by incorporating these components into your design. Each one offers new sensory or physical activities to engage kids ages 5 - 12 years old and develop their all-around skills. Each component can be used with both Naica™ and Quito™ apart from Trail Sling and Chroma Wheel, which are only compatible with Naica.

Base Camp

There's room for the whole neighborhood at Base Camp—a spacious hammock with climbable nets as well as inclusive, pocket-like seats that kids of any ability level can enjoy! Featuring a distinct triangular pattern, this element is made of flextread and our signature rope for generations of fun in the community.

Trail Sling

Kids can kick back and hang out with friends on this dynamic hammock. A distinct pattern, sturdy flextread construction, and strategic placement make this event a fun addition to Playmakers® and Challengers® products as well as rope-based structures.

Rappel Pole

This pole will have kids feeling like explorers as they slide down or climb up with friends. Attached to rope structures, Rappel Pole takes the climbing fun to new dimensions.

Chroma Wheel

This colorful addition gives kids new understanding of color theory along with physical exercise as they spin the wheel. When positioned beneath Naica's nets, this element offers ground-level excitement for all to enjoy.

Offset Access Barrier

Use this barrier alongside Slack Link to provide kids with easy, safe transitions from rope structures to post and platform structures.


Add a statement to your rope structure by incorporating Slither Slide, Stainless Steel Slide, or Mighty Descent. With striking net entry, these slides allow kids to develop more varied skill sets as they quickly egress the structure.

Slither Slide (Net Entry)

Stainless Steel Slide (Net Entry)

Mighty Descent (Net Entry)