The Pulse

A Customer Satisfaction Initiative

In order to better understand, nurture, and proactively manage our customers’ experience along their purchasing journey, we have implemented The Pulse program. Based on the internationally-trusted Net Promoter Score® program, The Pulse is about engaging in conversation with our customers on the path to continuous improvement and total satisfaction.

How Does it Work?

Each month, a survey goes out to customers asking one question: How likely are you to recommend Playworld to a colleague or friend? They can give us a rating on a scale from 0-10 and/or leave a comment. Their answer gives us an idea which issues currently need extra support or corrective action. We respond to everyone who answers within 48 hours.

The information we gather helps us measure our relationship with customers and identify areas that need more attention. It also helps us pinpoint what is most important to our customers and what we’re doing well! We share this feedback with employees and encourage everyone to suggest improvements. We believe every employee and partner of Playworld can help improve the customer experience.

Depending upon the feedback, we determine the best way to resolve the problem or need, whether it’s going straight to department experts or consulting our continuous improvement committee to prevent trending problems. We’ve even helped our customers with personal initiatives regarding play and playgrounds in their area! Most importantly, once a solution has been put in place, we make sure to close the loop—checking in with customers and representatives to confirm the issue is resolved and that there are no further issues.

What People Are Saying:

“The interaction between customers and our staff is critical to our success. Information from The Pulse (NPS) provides insight into these relationships. We have benefited from the feedback, both positive and negative, allowing us to learn from each sale.”

  Blake Hobson
President, CPSI
Midstates Recreation

Help Us Improve Our Services!

Have a suggestion on how we could improve the customer experience? Did our service meet or exceed your expectations? Let us know so we can continue to grow and better help current and future customers.