Motion Play

Unity® Hoopla Swing

Product: ZZXX0199

Ages 2-12
Space Required 27' 8'' x 26' 7'' (8,43m x 8,1m)

Product Description

The Hoopla Swing is designed for up to six users to share the experience and fun. It provides an inclusive, motion experience with opportunities for both physical and social skill development. Swinging provides a child’s nervous system with continuous information for processing. As children swing, they gain an understanding of how their bodies move through space. They also gain a sense of how much speed they are comfortable with. The swinging, rocking motion is also very calming—especially for children on the Autism spectrum. The shape of the swing supports a child’s body, making it perfect for children with physical disabilities who might not otherwise be able to experience a swing.

4' 6'' 1,37m
14' 7'' 4,44m
7' 10'' 2,39m
325 lb 148 kg
Fall Height
8' 0'' 2,44m
Install Hours

Complies With:

ASTM F1487



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