Unity® Dome

Product: ZZXX0366

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Ages 5-12yrs
Space Required 27' 0'' x 27' 0'' (8,23m x 8,23m)
CAD Files

Product Description

Unity Dome provides fun from all angles – In, On and Around. IN - children can climb on the steel rings and rungs or they can hang from them. And getting inside the rope net “chimney” puts a child right in the center of all of the action. ON - children find challenging and intriguing pathways to climb to the top as they navigate the rings and rungs. They will hang-out at the central top opening or on perch points along the way. The optional Sensory Connectors provide opportunity for musical play on the drum, tambourine and washboard. AROUND - children love to run in circles. The shape of the Unity Dome invites them to chase one another and start a game of tag. And children with disabilities can play, too. Those in wheelchairs will be able to use the rings to pull themselves along, while a child with some lower body mobility can use the rings to provide stability as they walk around the perimeter. With so many play experiences, Unity Dome brings everyone together. Shown as in-ground mount. Also available in a surface mount option.

Patented: USD729334, CA156955, MX46763

15' 0'' 4,57m
15' 0'' 4,57m
7' 0''H 2,13m
601 lb 273 kg
Install Hours
Fall Height
7' 0'' 2,13m

Complies With:

ASTM F1487




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