Site Furnishings

As any experienced caregiver will tell you, a trip to the playground is much more enjoyable when there is a place to sit and relax. Playworld is pleased to provide a variety of comfortable, durable playground benches that perfectly complement our playground and freestanding structures. Explore our playground furnishings, and find out how you can make your Playworld playground more inviting.


From custom-letter benches to PVC-free garden benches, Playworld has the perfect bench to complement your playspace.

Picnic Tables

Whether you need a tot table for your daycare or heavy-duty table for your park, you’ll find the perfect picnic table to fit your needs.


Border Timbers, surfacing, risk management signs and bike racks are just a few great ways to put the final touches on your playground.

Looking for Inspiration?

Find it in our Playspace Showcase
Browse pictures from real playgrounds and parks from all corners of the world to help you define your play vision – and inspire you to playground greatness.

Benches, Picnic Tables and More

When you invest resources in a playground, including picnic tables and benches, they help your community get the most out of your play space. What better way to encourage friend-building activities than meeting at the playground for lunch or a snack — and because building communities is what Playworld is all about, our essential furnishings include picnic tables that are accessible by people of all ages and abilities.

Of course, there’s nothing fun about garbage, and that is why we also make durable and easily cleanable litter receptacles. Best of all, because we believe the legacy of play should be safe and environmentally sound, we make our site furnishings from PVC-free and recyclable materials that will last for year after year.

Let Us Help You Furnish Your Playground

For more than 40 years, Playworld has helped selective communities furnish their schools, parks, businesses and organizations. Contact Playworld, and let us show you how our high quality playground furnishings will complete your play space with comfortable style.