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ENERGI® Product Overview

Train to be the best you can be. That's the principle behind ENERGI, the total body outdoor fitness system designed to make personal fitness a priority in your school and community.

ENERGI combines functional fitness and body-weight training to deliver a synergistic workout that connects all five of the body's major anatomical systems and exercises nearly all of its 206 bones and 600 muscles.

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ENERGI is available in two complete systems:

  • Ages 9-14
  • 7 Stations
  • 84 exercises
  • Accommodates up to 28 kids at once

    • Ages 13 and up
    • 5 Stations
    • 120 exercises
    • Accommodates up to 14 users at once

    ENERGI's Mobile Personal Trainer Technology
    The Mobile Personal Trainer, is a revolutionary new technology that lets user's access free instructional videos directly on their smartphone. Use a smartphone to access free exercise instructional videos on ENERGIPrime.com (ENERGIJr.com). It's like having a personal trainer on call, 24/7.

    Free Programming Guides
    Developed with fitness curriculum specialist, Nicholas Slotterback , and fitness expert and ENERGI co-creator Michelle Simons, the ENERGI Jr. Programming Guide features:

    • Detailed lesson plans for schools
    • Athletic program for coaches
    • Instructional videos for all exercises
    • Activity log to track user progress
    • Supportive materials
    • Advanced boot camp program for fitness instructors and activity directors
    • ENERGI Prime, or an after school advanced program, ENERGI Jr.

    Programming Guides are available FREE with every ENERGI Prime and ENERGI Jr. purchase!

    View samples from ENERGI Prime's Programming Guide:

    How It Works

    Rather than isolating the muscles to work them independently, ENERGI uses multi-joint, multi-plane muscle movements, an integrated approach that better prepares the body for the demands of real life.

    Whether you're a beginner or a fitness buff, ENERGI delivers a synergistic workout that exercises nearly all of your 206 bones and 600 muscles. Here's how it does it:

    Total Body Strength
    Users apply their own body weight as resistance to build total body strength, flexibility, and balance.

    Functional Fitness
    All exercises emulate natural movement patterns - like squatting, bending, and pulling - for greater ease with real-life tasks, sports, and recreation.

    Mind-Body Connection Repetition of movement builds a mind-body connection that makes users quicker and more responsive in daily life.

    Free Programming Includes lesson plans for middle or high schools, and advanced athletic and boot camp programs


    Meet the Experts

    A five-week study tracked participants' progress as they trained on ENERGI three days a week. The participants were instructed to add usage of ENERGI to their exercise regimen, otherwise changing as little as possible in their routines. The findings from this study suggest that ENERGI is effective in building strength, speed and flexibility in users. The average participant experienced a:

    • 5% increase in upper body strength
    • 34.7% increase in abdominal strength as measured in full sit-ups
    • 34.5% increase in leg strength
    • 6% increase in sprinting speed
    • 1 inch increase in flexibility as measured by a sit-and-reach test
    • 2.9 beats/minute decrease in resting heart rate, women's falling further than men's

    When we look at the average improvement across all tests in the study we find that the less fit someone was (fitness experience) the higher their overall average improvement percentage was likely to be. It's easier to make big progress early in an exercise program than later.

    Download the Research

    Want to learn more about the ENERGI research findings? Get the complete study here.

    ENERGI Research Study, Fall 2009

    Reviews & Testimonials

    Participants in the ENERGI fitness study were asked to share their personal results and reviews after using the system for three times a week for five weeks. Watch interviews with the participants on the right. Or click on the Research tab to learn more about the study.

    Joe's ENERGI Results:

    • 22% improvement in resting heart rate
    • Able to perform 64% more pull-ups, 36% more push-ups, and 25% more single-leg squats

    'I saw a great improvement in fitness using ENERGI. People say I look different and ask me how long I have been working out. There were no gym rats to intimidate me, no fluorescent lights and stale air. And the best part is, my wife and I could do the exercises together.'

    Laura's ENERGI Results:

    • 8% faster sprint times
    • Able to perform 46% more push-ups, 42% more single-leg squats, and 29% more sit-ups

    'The instructions on the panels made it easy to switch up the routine. Each day I spend on ENERGI is different, which makes it interesting.'

    Sandy's ENERGI Results:

    • 22% improvement in resting heart rate
    • Able to perform 64% more pull-ups, 36% more push-ups, and 25% more single-leg squats

    'ENERGI is new and different than other workout routines I've tried, since it's outdoors, where I would spend my spare time anyway.'

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