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"Going out to play"

...used to mean just that. It was all parents needed to say-all kids needed to hear. The rest took care of itself. A simpler time. Today, when you stroll or drive around you may have noticed a rather peculiar thing. There aren’t many kids playing outside. In many neighborhoods, you won’t find any outside at all.

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Where did they all go?

Maybe it's the heavy soccer schedule and music lessons. Perhaps it's the homework and other activities. The world may not be as safe as we once somewhat naively thought. Or at least our parents did. But sadly, recent studies suggest children 10 to 16 spend only 12.6 minutes per day engaged in some form of physical activity. And compared to the 1970s, children now spend 50% less time in unstructured outdoor activities. All of which has begun to affect the health and development of the children of today. Who may grow up to be the less innovative and creative adults of tomorrow. So, is it game over for play? Not by a long shot.
We can save Play.

You can help by becoming a play activist in your community. Here's how:


Create spaces for play to thrive:

  • Innovation – keeping play relevant and engaging through inventive concepts, custom designs, and revolutionary products
  • Expert design exercises minds, bodies and imaginations
  • Superior craftsmanship and premium materials

Craft lasting environments for play to grow:

  • Authentic, sustainable green manufacturing
  • Lifelong play – designing for all ages, and every lifestage
  • Accessibility for people of all ages and abilities




Spread the word about what makes great play… and why it matters:

  • Defining creative, healthy play
  • Promoting awareness of the importance of play
  • KaBOOM! – building stronger communities through powerful partnership with this champion of great play environments

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Strong, healthy bodies and creative, happy minds. Can play do that? Yes.
And you can make it happen by becoming a play advocate in your community.


For more information about the importance of play and why it matters, check out the Play Matters report:

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Be sure to bookmark this page and visit often for more ways we can work together to save play.