Inspire greater safety in your community with PlaySoleil™, an inexpensive and efficient solar lighting method that increases playground security after hours. Its downward light deters vandalism, destructive behavior, and inappropriate nighttime use of your playground, while minimizing light pollution.

Innovative solar panels charge PlaySoleil’s lithium-ion batteries during the day. PlaySoleil then activates at sunset to produce white light for 6+ hours. No digging or electrical wiring required. Choose PlaySoleil, and let the sun be your partner in powering play.

Functionality: PlaySoleil is fully solar powered. Recent advancements in LED and battery technology allow us to deliver this product that will, when fully charged, shine for hours. Charging time is typically two hours of direct sunlight. Parks and recreation directors tell us that when play equipment is well-maintained and well-lit, vandalism and other destructive behaviors are discouraged.

Installation: PlaySoleil’s unmatched convenience and affordability starts with its quick and easy installation. PlaySoleil can be easily installed on new or existing play structures because there is no need to pre-drill light posts. Simply remove the current post cap, put the light in its place, and attach with the included self-tapping screws. PlaySoleil is made of clear plastic roughly 5.5” in diameter and 6” tall, and its stair-step design enables PlaySoleil to fit 3.5”, 4” or 5” (8.89cm, 10.16cm, 12.7cm) diameter posts.

Patent No.: US 11,221,116 B1

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