Park Playground Equipment

A park is an important community space where people go to enjoy the outdoors. To maximize your park's appeal and get the most use out of it, consider one of our playgrounds for parks. There are many benefits to having a playground at your park, and at Playworld, we can create park play structures that will fit your exact needs without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Parks and Recreation Playgrounds

There are many reasons to consider adding playground equipment to your park, including:

  • Attractive features: With a new, updated playground, your park won't look like just any other park. Playground equipment is sure to stand out to passersby, and if they have children, the playground may entice them to use your park. If you have older playground equipment, it could actually be a deterrent to people using the park. If it looks old or not in good condition, people may worry about the safety of their children and will be less likely to use the equipment. At Playworld, we are constantly innovating and using high-quality materials to ensure our equipment will withstand extensive use, weather conditions and the passage of time.
  • Park-specific features: Playworld creates playground equipment for a variety of locations, from schools to churches and more. We understand how to make your playground fit the feel of a park. Our park equipment has more rugged details and finishes that will help it stand up to heavy-duty use.
  • Park playground fitness equipment options: Kids and adults alike love going to parks, and parks can be a great place for everyone to get some exercise. Playworld makes a variety of fitness structures you can incorporate in your playground area for older kids and adults. This fitness equipment features everything from balance activities to pull-ups and more. It even allows parents to keep busy while the kids play!
  • Flexibility: Parks attract kids of all ages and development stages, and we have equipment for all age groups. Our early childhood playgrounds for infants and toddlers are designed with their specific needs in mind, while our school-age playgrounds feature slightly more involved equipment to engage children mentally and physically. We also design our playgrounds to create inclusive environments, so children with differing abilities and development levels can all enjoy the equipment. At Playworld, we are also proud to offer many customizations. For example, you can create a playground that combines early childhood and school-age structures for all ages. You can also choose a particular theme that fits your park and community and we'll design to that specification.
  • Sustainability: We take pride in making all our playground equipment and installation methods good for the planet. We are always looking to take on new green initiatives, and we've removed all PVC from our products. With a park playground so closely tied to nature, we know the importance of protecting your local environment. We're always mindful during our construction process to provide as little disruption as possible to the plant and animal life in the area. We also make sure to design our park equipment to hold up to different outdoor and weather elements so people can use the park play structures for years to come.

As a leading park playgrounds manufacturer, Playworld can create the perfect playground for your park that will attract more people.

Budgeting for Park Play Equipment

We understand that parks and recreation departments do not always have a large budget to accommodate a new playground. To make play accessible for all children, we offer a variety of tips and options to help you afford your dream playground, including:

  • Grant funding: Sources such as state and local governments, foundations, nonprofits and corporations all offer grants you can use to fund your playground project. With hundreds available, the challenge is finding the right one. Playworld offers a grant guide to help you determine what grants your park qualifies for.
  • Fundraising: For a locally-based option, try hosting a few fundraising events. You could even host a food and/or drink sale at the park itself, which would give people the chance to see where the playground will go and visualize the potential, making them more invested in the cause.
  • Community build: To really engage and excite your community while also saving big on costs, organize a community build. Installation costs typically account for 25-45% of budgets, so taking on the task as a community is also a great way to save money. People can help in all kinds of ways, from the building itself to planning and day-of logistics and more. Your local Playworld representative will also supervise and provide your community with guidance as you work to install the equipment.
  • Financing: We also offer different financing options and are always willing to try and work with your budget. One option to consider is our phasing program, which allows you to pay in "phases" as we complete the different sections. Another option is leasing, where we can tailor a payment schedule to what works for your budget.

Build the Perfect Park Playground With Playworld

At Playworld, we are committed to offering the best play equipment, and we know just what park and recreation playground equipment will work best for you. We are always willing to make customizations to make the playground exactly what you're hoping for. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote to get started. Our representatives look forward to working with you and helping you through the process.