PlayForm 7®

All hands are welcome on this work of art!

Children are drawn to art and sculpture just like adults. Naturally, they want to interact with it, but sculpture isn’t usually designed to be played on. That’s why we created our first play sculpture: PlayForm 7.

Flex treads

Innovative design calls for innovative materials. Flex treads feature industrial-grade construction, custom-formulated for the ideal balance of flexibility and durability.

Laminated Bamboo Panels

Dense, laminated bamboo provides strength and moisture resistance with a warm, natural look. Engineered to endure the extremes of play and the elements, with a flexural strength of 12,800 PSI.

Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

This tough, attractive polycarbonate features durable stucco finish with pebbled texture. Ultraviolet stabilization technology for long-lasting color and performance. Tensile stress breaking point of 9,500 PSI (ASTM D638).

Flex Treads

.375” (.95cm) thick with 2-ply performance-woven mesh and high-quality rubber/nitrile blend. Breaking strength of 21,120 lbs. (9579kg) per 12” width. Non-marking, odorless and textured for excellent grip when wet.

Adventure Rope

Comprised of six-stranded tempered cable with polypropylene core. The galvanized steel wire cores of the six strands are inductively fused to polyamide coating. UV stabilized and abrasion resistant.