PlayCubes® Extensions

Extend the fun!

PlayCubes extensions are exciting elements that add challenge and varied climbing paths to any PlayCubes structure.


Passage creates an exciting transition between multiple PlayCubes by giving children more opportunities to climb!

Inclined Passage

Add more challenges to transitions between PlayCubes® with the Inclined Passage!

Fractal Net

Poly Climbers

Our small Poly Climber provides a simple option to climb to a ground-level PlayCube while giving more children the opportunity to practice climbing at lower heights. This is particularly beneficial for young children. Large is ideal for children looking for a more challenging climber to a higher PlayCube.

This hub is made of metal, rope, and flex tread, providing a freestanding link between cubes. An available step makes transfer easy. …
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Resembling a spider web, this component provides a 6' (1.83m) high climb to a post-elevated cube. Kids need to plan their every move to get to the top …
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This multi-rung component provides a horizontal route from one cube to another.&edsp; …
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This component links one cube to another at a different elevation, adding an exciting degree of challenge to the geometry of play. …
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