Maybe you've taken the time to build a fun playground space for children in the area, but it hardly gets touched when the sun is out in the middle of summer. Adding a commercial playground shade can solve the problem, and Playworld has the structures to fit your needs.

Playground Shade Structures From Playworld

Getting time outdoors is an excellent experience for any kid, but being out in the sun can be tiring. With playground shade structures from Playworld, children can enjoy playtime even during the hot summer days. Our products cover three shade types:

  • Hip: With hip play shades, you can incorporate shades with clean, straight lines to cover many play structures. We offer a standard hip shade, a joined model for extra coverage and a two-post design for a smaller budget.
  • Pyramid: Our pyramid shades create an elegant look and provide additional coverage for taller play structures. The Single Post Pyramid offers extensive reach with a single pole for saving space, and the Mariner Pyramid uses an overlapping fabric design to bring sophistication to your area.
  • Cantilever: With our cantilever products, you can experience all the benefits of our other play shades with fewer columns in the way. Our Full Cantilever offers wide coverage for large structures, and the Single Post Cantilever provides a reach similar to the Single Post Pyramid without a central column.

Benefits of Play Shades

Placing playground shade structures in your space offers many benefits, including:

  • Cooler equipment: When playground equipment sits in the sun, it gets hot, making it easy for kids to burn their hands. Plus, they may feel uncomfortable as they play. Shades keep everything cooler and safer to touch.
  • Reduced risk of sunburns: Even with sunscreen, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to sunburns. Shade protects kids and puts parents and caretakers at ease during playtime.
  • Increased inclusivity: Some adults and children have high sensitivity to the sun from allergies or medications. Adding shade to your equipment can make play accessible for more kids.
  • Longer play: Let's face it — the sun's rays can be tiring. With protection from UV rays, kids have more energy and can play for longer.

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