Site Specifications

Get to know the play of the land

Great playground planning doesn't just focus on the equipment, it considers the entire play space. Your local Playworld representative will help you maximize your site's full play potential. Here are some basic site considerations you'll need to plan for.

Size & Shape
Your site should be large enough to accommodate both active and quiet play areas, as well as amenities like parking. Save on site preparation expenses by choosing a site that's relatively flat and provides adequate drainage.

Traffic Flow
We'll help you plan clear pathways and access points to promote good traffic flow on, into, and around the playground equipment. We'll also make sure that maintenance and emergency vehicles have direct access to your playground, and that all areas are easily accessible to visitors of all abilities and all ages.
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Safety & Supervision
We'll design your playground with use zones in mind, the amount of open space required around each piece of play equipment. You'll also need to consider sight lines through the playground, to ensure that caregivers have clear visibility of their kids from any vantage point on your play space.
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Identify and mark existing utilities in advance, including gas, water, and electric lines. Your local utility companies will perform this service for you.

Site Furnishings
We'll help you plan for all the details that will make your playground a convenient, safe, and enjoyable destination for your entire community:
  • Easily accessible parking
  • Lighting and fencing for extra safety
  • Benches, picnic tables, restrooms, and other comfort stations
  • Shading and shelter to prevent sun overexposure
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