Purchasing your playground is as easy as phase 1-2-3

If you're working within a limited budget, but still need to design a playground that will accommodate a lot of children, then Playworld Phasing Program is the perfect solution for you.

With phasing, you install one smaller segment of your playground at a time, paying for each phase as it is built. You can have the completed playground of your dreams in as little as two phases, and the peace of mind that comes with spreading your project costs out over a period of time.

Custom plan to match your needs
Our Phasing Program is also incredibly flexible. We'll design your playground in as many phases as needed, to accommodate your budget and fundraising plans. Our team will make sure that each phase is compliant with safety and accessibility guidelines, so kids can play on it in each phase.

Sample playground phasing plan

Total playground equipment budget = $33,000
Phase 1

Cost = $8,959
Install the first phase, designed for play now.
Phase 2

Cost = $9,475
Make the playground even more fun by adding the next phase.
Phase 3

Cost = $14,364
Complete your playground by adding the final phase.

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