Build a budget without breaking the piggy bank

Building your playground project budget can feel like a big challenge. With some careful consideration and community outreach, you can make sure there are no financial surprises.

Standard project expenses
Playground equipment is just one of the expenses you need to plan for in your budget. Depending on of your project, you'll also need to consider costs associated with:
  • Surfacing, which can include excavation, drainage, sub-surfacing, containment, and considerable material, freight and labor.
  • Shipping, which can include freight, truck unloading, goods inventory, and packaging removal and disposal.
  • Site preparation, including items like permits, sidewalk installation, lighting, and drainage.
  • Storage, if your play equipment arrives before final site preparation is finished
  • Installation options, including professional installation, supervised builds, and community builds (costs vary depending on your solution)
  • Construction materials like concrete, gravel, and sand
  • Landscaping services and materials like trees and sod
Budgeting solutions
You don't have to fund your playground project alone. There are multiple budgeting resources available to help you make your dream playspace possible.

Band the community together around a creative fundraising project.
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Grant Funding
Reach out to the government, corporations, and non-profits to find out what grants are available.
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Community Builds
Save on installation costs by getting the entire community involved in the installation. Ask local businesses and organizations to sponsor all or a portion of your project in exchange for advertising, publicity, and signage space on your playground.
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With the Playworld Phasing Program, you can install one segment of your playground at a time, paying for each phase as it's built.
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Install your playground now and pay over time.
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Member Discounts
Playworld has partnered with organizations like HGACBuy and GSA to provide savings and benefits to members.
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