Maintenance Guidelines

Maintenance Plan

Protect and Preserve Your Playground
Industry estimates blame poor maintenance for at least one-third of all playground injuries. By creating an effective maintenance plan upfront, you can minimize risk—and maximize the lifespan of your investment. Here are the fundamentals to consider as you and your local Playworld representative build your custom maintenance plan.

High-Frequency Maintenance
Many routine maintenance tasks are custodial in nature, and need to be performed on a regularly scheduled basis, often daily.
  • Pick up litter
  • Sweep walkways
  • Check potential wear points and mechanisms with movement
  • Inspect and tighten hardware connections
  • Level and replace displaced loose-fill surfacing
  • Loosen compacted surfacing

Mid-Frequency Maintenance
Create a schedule of preventative maintenance tasks that should be performed at periodic intervals due to age, usage, and the environment. For example, you may need to touch up the paint on high-traffic equipment that's been scratched and scraped, or install replacement swing clevises and motion bearings for preventative purposes.

Low-Frequency Maintenance
Plan to have a detailed, thorough safety audit and inspection of your playground's structural integrity performed at least once a year by experienced, trained personnel. Your Playworld representative can provide you with local resources and consultation.

Staff Training
Develop a formal training program that educates your maintenance crew on all the components of your playspace, and the required maintenance duties to be performed on each.

Officially document your maintenance plan and calendar and distribute it to your maintenance team; it greatly increases the likelihood that it will be properly followed. Keep a log of all inspections and repairs, which will be particularly important in the event of any warranty or accident issues.

The Playworld Custom Maintenance Kit
Keep your records up-to-date and electronically filed with our custom maintenance program, tailored to the specific components of your playground. It's yours FREE with the installation of any Playmakers® or Challengers® playgrounds, as well as ENERGI® and LifeTrail® Advanced Wellness System.
  • Personalized equipment maintenance program on CD-ROM
  • Graffiti remover
  • Touch-up materials, including primer, spare paint, and sandpaper
  • Basic replacement parts
Playworld provides kits for other playgrounds and products, including NEOS® and Origins Boulders.

Contact your Playworld representative for details.