Our Process

Designing meaningful, unstructured play experiences that capture the imagination, forge bonds between children, and encourage self-discovery is what we live for. It’s behind every material and design choice. Behind every routine and customer interaction. Behind every partnership and strategic decision.


It all starts with a need—a trend—an inspiration. Whether it’s from our customers, sales representatives, the latest research, a global issue, or even just our dreams, our ideas on how we can save play drive our every action.


Each piece of equipment is meaningfully designed for maximum play value. In this we consider child development, inclusivity, safety, supervision needs, innovation, and of course, the fun factor!


Our products are made in our central PA manufacturing facility, using premium materials and processes. Our lean (and green) operation helps us get equipment out the door quickly and efficiently, all while saving the planet!


We hand select a global network of outside, independent Playworld representatives. They help parks, schools, housing associations, landscape architects, early childhood facilities, churches, and other end customers build their playground, from planning to final installation and beyond.

Find Your Rep


Sometimes we need a little extra help in order to bring play to the communities that need it the most. We’ve developed strong industry partnerships with people who share our commitment to play.

Meet the Dream Team


To make change in the world, you can’t just sit back and follow the rules. We’re constantly rethinking, redesigning, and restructuring to make better products that meet ever-changing needs and push the envelope.

Okay, so it’s not quite that simple. There’s a lot of little, yet very important details in between each and every step. But from the 40,000 foot view, that’s how we save play every day.