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Inspired by Mexico’s Cave of the Crystals, Naica (pronounced N-EYE-kuh) combines triangular climbing nets with traditional components to encourage skill development through daring exploration. Its distinctive design, which draws from the subterranean adventure of its namesake, is sure to make Naica the crowning jewel of any playground.


Patented, solar-powered light durably designed to fit easily into the posts of new or existing playground structures. Shining light in a downward trajectory from atop the equipment, PlaySoleil illuminates playgrounds, discouraging unwanted after-hours activity without the need to run electricity.

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Quito (pronounced KEE-toe) is a freestanding net climber that takes kids on a journey to the center of the web. Inspired by Quito, Ecuador’s capital city closest to the equator and the world’s second-highest official capital city, Quito stands a towering 15.54’ (4,74m) high. Its daring, distinctive design offers a commanding, compelling playground presence. Children will feel like geometric spelunkers as they climb, balance, and teeter their way in, over, and through the colorful center. With multiple points of entry, Quito includes an easy passage to the center, as well as a cozy space underneath.

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