Playgrounds for adults

New designs makes it easier for everyone in the family to stay fit, regardless of age

by: Cynthia Ramnarace | from: AARP Bulletin | March 7, 2012

At the Midway Safe Harbor Center playground northeast of Orlando, Fla., revelers climb the bright orange staircase, wiggle on wobble boards and swivel in spinning seats. Getting to behave like children is quite a selling point here, considering that many using this new playground haven't been called "kid" in decades.

Welcome to the multigenerational playground, where children's slides and monkey bars sit beside equipment specifically designed to be used by older adults.

On weekends, Dorothy Jackson, 73, of Midway, Fla., takes a break from her volunteer work at the adjacent community center to watch her 6- and 9-year-old great-grandchildren swing, slide and climb. She does this while twirling on a spinning seat or giving her arms a workout.

"I go out on the playground every day," says the great-grandmother of 15, who raised three of her grandchildren. "In order not to get sick you have to keep the body up, and this playground helps me do it."

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