New Products

At Playworld, we are always designing new and innovative play systems that spark imagination and create endless new possibilities for play. Whether you’re looking to completely transform your school or community’s playspace or build upon the playground you already have, we offer a wide range of new product solutions to meet every need. Take a look to see what’s new this year.


Optimize community safety and minimize light pollution with PlaySoleil™ solar lighting, the low cost, eco-friendly answer to after-hours playground security.

PlayCubes® Extensions

PlayCubes Extensions are exciting elements that add challenge and varied climbing paths to any PlayCubes structure.

New Components

Choose from exciting climbers, incredible slides, stunning sensory shades, and even an a-maze-ing cozy space to add distinctive flare to your next project!


Slide-A-Side gives children the chance to take their time when leaving the slide. Whether they need assistance from a caretaker, a mobility device, or just a moment to regroup, Slide-A-Side provides a relaxed exit while allowing other kids to continue sliding!


PlayTown™ was created with input from child development and inclusive play consultants to ensure that everyone is welcome. Each item is full of whimsical details to encourage solitary, social, and imaginative play. Clear lines of sight make supervision easy.

Sky Towers®

Imaginative, innovative, and unforgettable, Sky Towers evokes the exciting sensation of climbing through the sky and being one with nature.

Timber Stacks™

Play the natural way.

Sculpted Play Elements

With vibrant colors and whimsical details, our Sculpted Play Elements provide a rich sensory experience and provide you with the opportunity to pack a lot of play value into an imaginative package!