For centuries, nature has been a source of healing and inspiration. Now, studies show exposure to nature has endless physical, cognitive, social, creative and emotional benefits for children. It’s time to reintroduce kids to the great outdoors. How? By striking the perfect balance between man and nature. Our nature-inspired play products mimic natural textures, colors and scale, but provide a safer, durable, maintenance-friendly, and kid-optimized experience. When set against the landscape, this equipment blends in, making outdoor play second nature.

Branch Out™

Give post-and-platform playgrounds a breath of fresh air. Branch Out offers the appealing scale and activities of tree play in a more efficient, open layout for easy supervision and multi-directional play flow.

Branch Out


Mimic an authentic rock climbing experience with these boulders made of PolyFiberCrete®. It looks and feels like the real deal, while providing a slip resistant surface for practicing climbing, coordination and agility.


Our newest nature-inspired components allow you to add a touch of realistic wood or stone to any play space. Place them next to play structures to access a deck or use them as a standalone play event.


Kids become daring dino-hunters and archaeologists with our PolyFiberCrete® dinosaur bones, eggs, and fossils. Create a new world for kids to climb, hide or unearth ancient treasures in the sand.


When kids have you climbing the walls, set them loose to climb these walls. Securely bolted handholds designed with textured ridges give them a better grip as they learn how to motor plan and climb.


Want to create an immersive, natural experience? Our pre-configured Challengers® and Playmakers® playgrounds incorporate realistic graphic panels, toppers and more for nature-themed fun!

Looking for something a little more custom?

Our Special Projects Unit can create a one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired destination playground that surpasses your wildest dreams.