Middle School Playground Equipment

As children mature, the type of playground equipment they need changes. At Playworld, we understand that certain age groups need unique playground designs. That’s why we provide equipment for all ages.

Middle School Playground Equipment

We also offer an entire line of playground equipment and components for middle schoolers up to 12 years old. These elements promote exploration, imagination, and interpretation. Choose from options like PlayCubes®, electronic playground games,, and freestanding climbers. By providing playground equipment that’s more mentally and physically challenging, you can create a recreational area that encourages middle school students to stay active, socialize with their peers, and tackle challenging physical obstacles.

Fitness and Wellness Equipment for Middle Schoolers

Fitness is a part of our lives from a young age. Prioritizing health and fitness can improve your quality of life, and fostering this behavior can help children continue to exercise well into adulthood. Our outdoor fitness equipment offers guided exercises and stretches using isometrics and body weight.

Stretching is a great way to get your blood pumping, exercise major muscle groups, and ease away stress. Our Stretch & Go products are perfect for students up to 12 years old. They promote muscle and joint flexibility, which is critical as kids of this age begin to mature.

Our four models of Stretch & Go equipment include:

  • Arm & Shoulder Circles: With Arm & Shoulder Circles, kids can focus on shoulder and upper-back muscle development.
  • Recumbent Bike: Our Recumbent Bike is ergonomically friendly, providing full lower-back support while targeting the glutes for quicker development.
  • Shoulder Slide: The U-shaped design of our Shoulder Slide allows students to work their front, side, and rear delt areas.
  • The Twister: The Twister lets students thoroughly stretch out their lower back and oblique muscles by twisting from side to side.

ENERGI® guides students through a series of exercises, meeting users at their ability level. Whether positioned standalone or in a system, these fitness stations help build crucial physical skills such as strength, balance, and agility. The complete 5-station system also includes a free programming guide with lesson plans for middle and high school students.

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Site Furnishings for Middle School Playgrounds

At Playworld, we also offer an entire line of site furnishings ideal for social gatherings or taking a break from playing on the equipment. Our picnic tables, benches, swings, and bike racks perfectly complement all the other types of equipment we offer. By adding a little variety to your playground, you’ll make the area even more inviting to middle schoolers.

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Playworld is a leading supplier of playground wellness equipment that allows middle schoolers to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. To learn more about our middle school playground equipment, contact us online today.

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